Plugin Play Scorm

Introduced in Tiki12

Use this wiki plugin to play a SCORM learning object in an iframe. Requires Moodle to be installed.

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Introduced in Tiki 12. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_playscorm

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
moodle_course_id digits Course ID in Moodle to upload SCORM objects to 12.0
moodle_url url Web address of the Moodle instance 12.0
fileId digits Numeric ID of a SCORM zip file in a File Gallery 12.0
id digits Numeric ID to distinguish multiple plugins of there is more than one 12.0
height text Pixels or % 740 12.0
width text Width in pixels or % 1160 12.0
scrolling (blank)
Choose whether to add a scroll bar y 12.0

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