PluginPDFpage is another wiki plugin for mPDF. Its function is to customize page settings for PDF output of any specific page (also works over multiple pages).

PluginPDF sets parameters for the wiki page, while PluginPDFpage changes the parameters just for a specific blob of text.

An example of usage is to switch from portrait to landscape for one large table, and to change back after the table.

Plugin Parameters

Insert page with new settings in PDF
Introduced in Tiki 18.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_pdfpage

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Page Content
footer Possible values: HTML / Wiki Syntax / Plain text, {PAGENO}, {DATE j-m-Y}.
For example: {PAGETITLE}|Center Text|{PAGENO}, Page {PAGENO} of {NB}, .
Set footer value as off, to remove footer from page
pagesize (blank)| Letter| Legal| Tabloid/Ledger| A0| A1| A2| A3| A4| A5| A6 ISO Standard sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 or North American paper sizes: Letter, Legal, Tabloid/Ledger (for ledger, select landscape orientation)
background Enter a valid CSS color code.
background_image Enter the full URL.
watermark_image To turn off watermark image on the page, set value as off Full URL of watermark image
watermark Watermark text value, for example: Confidential, Draft etc.
orientation (blank)
Landscape or portrait P
header Enter Wiki Syntax / HTML code / Plain text.
Possible values: Custom HTML / Wiki Syntax / text , {PAGENO}, {DATE j-m-Y}, Page {PAGENO} of {NB}, Left text| Center Text | Right Text.
Set header value as off, to turn off header from page
margin_bottom digits Numeric value, no need to add px. For example 10 10
margin_footer digits Only applicable if footer is set.Numeric value only, no need to add px. Warning: Footer can overlap text if bottom margin is not set properly 5
margin_header digits Only applicable if header is set. Numeric value only, no need to add px.Warning: Header can overlap text if top margin is not set properly 5
hyperlinks (blank)
margin_left digits Numeric value.For example 10 10
columns (blank)
margin_right digits Numeric value, no need to add px. For example 10 10
margin_top digits Numeric value, no need to add px. For example 10 10

Sample PluginPDFpage Code

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{PDFPAGE(orientation="L" watermark="Landscape Page")} contents of the page that you want impacted by different parameters than the rest of the page {PDFPAGE}

Do not try to use like this:

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{pdfpage orientation="L"}



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