Plugin Get Access Token

Starting with Tiki7, this wiki plugin, which requires admin validation, is designed for an admin to display a link on a secure page to another page using a security access token. This might be useful where on one page which is accessible to users through a token the user needs to be able to access another secondary page using a different token.


Introduced in Tiki 7. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: auth_token_access, wikiplugin_getaccesstoken

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
entry text The path or part of the path that the token is for 7.0
values text
separator: :
Query string parameter values that the token is for, separated by a colon (:) 7.0
keys text
separator: :
Query string parameter keys that the token is for, separated by a colon (:) 7.0


Basic syntax

{getaccesstokem entry="tiki-payment.php" keys="invoice" values="23"}

Tracker example

Imagine that you have a survey created on a tracker split in many different wiki pages (using PluginTracker in them).

You need to have an autoincrement field of type itemId, and if you can find a way to make the multiple tokens easily, then you can use this plugin this way:

{tracker trackerId="" fields="1:2" action="Save and Next"
url="tiki-index_raw.php?page=next&TOKEN={getaccesstoken entry="tiki-index_raw.php" keys="page:itemId" values="next:{$f_1}"}"}

Where {$f_1} is that autoincrement itemId field above.

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