Local Profiles

Introduced in Tiki12.

Local profiles can be used to store configurations locally without the need for an external profile repository, running as a Tiki instance.

The local profile repository is a simple directory available on the local filesystem. Profiles are a single file with the .yml extension. A directory with the same name (without the file extension) is used to pull any page that may be referenced within the profile.

  • ~/my_repository
    • Sample.yml
    • Sample
      • PageContent.wiki

Unlike profiles stored in the normal repositories, local profiles are not wiki syntax with CODE blocks containing the actual YAML definitions. This structure allows for text editors to properly hightlight the syntax.

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--- preferences: feature_wiki: y objects: - type: wiki_page ref: about_profile data: name: About Profile content: wikicontent:PageContent # ^ Referenced page in sub-directory

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Any content. References are handled like normal profiles.

About Patches

When used as database patches, local profiles use installer/schema/ as the repository directory, and the patch names are used as the profile names. Patches are applied in sequence based on their file name.


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