Import Trackers

There are several ways to import a tracker, its fields and its data:

1st Way: Import Tracker using its structure (own code)

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2nd way: Import Tracker using Profile/Yaml code

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Export and Import of Tracker Fields

In the Edit Fields page (/tiki-admin_tracker_fields.php?trackerId=) you need to select all fields you want to export with the checkboxes, then at the bottom there is a dropdown where you select Export Selected.
Tracker Fields Export 1

This will open a window with the code you need to copy, then paste in to the Import Tracker Fields tab.
Tracker Fields Export 2
Tracker Fields Export 3

Import Tracker data

To import data, you can import data through the other interface:

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In order to get the right syntax for the file, you can export your tracker data first, so that you can see an example of how columns are data are formatted. See Export Trackers.


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