Tiki Draw is the integration of SVG-edit starting in Tiki7. This requires a modern browser (See SVG-edit site for list) and the data is stored in the SVG format.

SVG-edit was added to Tiki7 for Collaborative Image manipulation. SVG-edit is like a web-based Inkspace (drawing tool, for diagrams, pictures and illustrations) and not a picture and photo editor like GIMP. SVG-Edit is based on jQuery, like Tiki.

Starting in Tiki10, you can hide some of the features in SVG-Edit for a simplified interface.

Try it here:

This permits to edit drawings and to embed in wiki pages. It is also possible to pick an image as a background and to make annotations (text, arrows, etc.)

The actual storage of the .svg is in the Tiki File Gallery. So when file gallery detects its an .SVG file, it adds an edit button in the menu associated to a file (in file galleries list) which launches SVG-edit. There is also a "Create new drawing" button in file galleries panel

To use in Tiki7, you must activate and setup feature_file_galleries_batch (visit tiki-batch_upload_files.php to make sure all is OK) (no longer needed in Tiki8)

In Tiki7 or Tik8, you need to have the permission tiki_p_upload_files and visit the file gallery.

Starting in Tiki 7.1, you can start a drawing by putting {draw} in a wiki page. When viewing the page, it will ask you where to store the newly created drawing.

Starting in Tiki8, when editing a drawing using PluginDraw, when saved, the old version is moved to the archive (if feature is turned on). But this won't work if you edit from the File Gallery or if you are re-using that same Drawing in another wiki page. Perhaps better to use PluginInclude in this case...

Demo of screencapture and drawing


The SVG-edit has changed since the videos were made, but it still gives you a great overview.

Introduction to SVG-edit

SVG-edit 2.3: New Features

SVG-Edit 2.4: Part 1 of 2

SVG-Edit 2.4: Part 2 of 2

Use cases

Annotating images

For example, designer's Proofs or Mockups: Similar to PluginAnnotation (a simpler image annotation feature), it would be nice to pick an image from the system and start it in draw mode, where we can add captions. So the image would be the background in SVG-Edit

Drawing charts

I want to draw a diagram of some sort (ex.: org chart)

Try it out at http://demo.tiki.org/ (You'll likely need to activate the feature)



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