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The voting options on each comment contribute to a user's karma.

Comment permissions

Comments must be switched on in the wiki configuration screen (Wiki Config) to use comments with wiki features.

  • tiki_p_wiki_view_comments is a super- permission for wiki features (wiki, faq, poll...):
    • tiki_p_read_comments, to view a comment
    • tiki_p_post_comments, to post a comment
    • tiki_p_edit_comments, to edit a comment, if you are not the author
    • tiki_p_remove_comments, to delete a comment
    • tiki_p_admin, you can do whatever you want
  • tiki_p_comment_tracker_items, to insert comments to tracker items

Comment moderation

New in Tiki3
New 'feature_comments_moderation' to allow users with 'tiki_p_admin_comments' perm to approve (or reject) comments.

If this feature is enabled, comments are queued for the moderator and are not published until it's approbation. The moderator can approve or reject comments either directly on the comments of the object (wiki page, blog post, ...), either on the 'Admin Comments' page.

Users without 'tiki_p_admin_comments' perm won't see rejected and queued comments. They will also have the following comment: 'Your comment will have to be approved by the moderator before it is displayed.'

Comment locking

New in Tiki3



Comments Admin

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