New in Tiki21: CalDAV support in Tiki Calendar via SabreDAV. See also CardDAV and Calendar Invitations by email.

CalDAV URL is http://example.org/tiki-caldav.php but you should point to the base URL and let your CalDAV client auto-detect settings.
If you need to connect your Tiki calendar and your client manually, use the following syntax of your credentials:
url: https://example.com/tiki-caldav.php/calendars/USERNAME/calendar-ID
password: PASSWORD

Recommended clients to synchronize against the Tiki calendar (if you know something else or even better, please update this page):

Mac OSX:
MS Windows:

Tested client setups

If you have successfully tested Tiki CalDav calendar synchronisation with a client app which is not (yet) mentioned, please add your (basic) setup and description here.
If you have tested unsuccessfully, please make a wish for better integration or a bug report for previously working setups here: Make-a-wish / File-a-bug

Thunderbird: Adding a Tiki calendar in 3 minutes

(basic setup)

  1. open the calendar tab in Thunderbird
  2. create a new calendar, choose the option 'network', confirm
  3. choose the option CalDav and provide your USERNAME and the url (your Tikis CalDav-address like https://example.com/tiki-caldav.php/calendars/USERNAME/calendar-ID), confirm
  4. choose a name for the calendar to be displayed in Thunderbirds calendar list and a color for this calendars items/events, providing an email is optional, confirm
  5. your calendar is now setup, confirm
  6. activate the calendar by providing your username and password (accept to be stored on the local machine), confirm

That's pretty much everything

Android DAVx5: Adding a Tiki calendar to Android in less than 5 minutes


  1. 1/2: You need the DAVx5 app on your phone, which you can get for free in the F-Droid shop or buy in the Google PlayStore.
  2. 2/2: You need a calendar app on your phone with CalDav sync capability . Please mind, that there are plenty appropriate free calendar apps in F-Droid and PlayStore and you do not need to use an app with advertising or in-app purchases.
    One free CalDav sync capable calendar for Android is the "SimpleCalendar" by https://simplemobiletools.com
    com.simplemobiletools.calendar / com.simplemobiletools.calendar.pro
    You can also use the standart Google Android Calendar app (not to be confused with the online Google Calendar service).

Please mind: DAVx5 is not a calender frontend or standalone calendar app.
DAVx5 adds the CalDav functionality to the Android operating system and provides this type of services to the calendar app of your choice.

  1. Open DAVx5 and add a new account. You need the url to one CalDav calendar of Tiki where you have appropriate permissions, plus your Tiki username and your Tiki password of the relevant Tiki website.
    Use this syntax: https://example.com/tiki-caldav.php/calendars/USERNAME/calendar-ID
  2. The setup is self-descriptive. You need to provide an arbitrary DAVx5-account name for the Tiki user on the relevant Tiki website. DAVx5 will provide you a list of all calendars of the provided Tiki website and you can tick/untick which calendar(s) to synchronise (note: please add screenshots).
  3. Your calendar app(s) will now show the Tiki calendar on your Android device.
    Accordingly to your Tiki permissions you can (or cannot) create, view, edit and delete Tiki calendar items from your phone or tablet.

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This development was done as part of Email as a first-class citizen

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