Tiki 16.0 was released on 2016-11-29. You can also see the development page at https://dev.tiki.org/Tiki16

The Tiki 16.x branch support period ended when 17.1 was released as per the lifecycle policy.

Changes (alphabetically sorted)

Versions Released

Tiki 16.0

  • Released on 2016-11-29

Tiki 16.1

  • Released on 2016-12-22
  • This version includes regular post release fixes and Tiki users are recommended to upgrade.

Tiki 16.2

  • Released on 2017-01-21
  • This version includes critical security fixes so Tiki users are recommended to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

What's New

Other changes (alphabetically sorted):

1.1. Admin UI: enhanced switch to filter preferences

  1. The "hidden" filter preferences checkbox has been replaced by an "always on top" switch to display Basic or Advanced Settings.
  2. The users preferences that were in Community panel are now regrouped in 2 logical tabs under General control panel

1.2. Advanced Logging Method

Tiki has comprehensive built in logging capabilities as part of Action Log and to a lesser extent System Log.

  • From Tiki 16 forward advanced logging for high volume sites will be available.


1.3.1. Self-subscribe to comments in trackers/articles/wiki pages/blog posts

Since Tiki 16.2, the option to self-subscribe to comments to receive email notifications about replies has been extended to trackers, articles, wiki pages and blog posts. (r59950 & r59951)

See Comments

1.3.2. E-mail notification of replies to non-registered users

Since Tiki 16.2, non-registered users (also known as "Anonymous" users in Tiki) that provided their emails in the corresponding field next to their comments can get notification emails of the replies to their comments. (r59950 & r59951)

See Comments

1.4. Console.php

Since Tiki 16.2, a new action can be run from the command line through console.php:

  • PluginListExecute action can be run avoiding to use http authentication and the credentials in clear in the command line

See: Console

1.5. CSS & Look and Feel

1.5.1. CodeMirror

When CodeMirror syntax and code highlighter is enabled code listings with CodeMirror-code class should always show up in monospace font Related commits: 59870 Live demo: https://nextdev.tiki.org/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=Development&source=0 Pictures:

Before: Image After: Image

1.5.2. CSS-only Masonry

Users can create simple CSS-only masonry grid layouts now for their content like pictures from File Gallery or "card-like" items results from Tracker data using LIST - the basic syntax is {DIV(class=masonry)}... list of direct child elements here ...{DIV}


Copy to clipboard
{DIV(class=masonry nogaps)}{img type="src" src="display1317" link="display1317" width="800" desc="Click to expand" rel="box[g]" imalign="center" styleimage="border" align="center" title="CSS-only Masonry Example from Tracker Data"}{img src=preview12}{img src=preview13}{DIV}

This will show previews of images from File Gallery in the masonry grid with no gaps between them.

And the following code would display items from Tracker 7 in Bootstrap styled default panels (feature logo and name with link in the header, plus the feature description in the body, for the items with logo provided - "NOT the empty ones") in the masonry grid:

Copy to clipboard
{DIV(class=masonry)} {LIST()} {filter field=tracker_id content=7} {filter field=tracker_field_f_125 content="NOT "} {OUTPUT()}{DIV(class="panel panel-default")}{DIV(class=panel-heading)}{display name=tracker_field_f_125 format=trackerrender}{display name=tracker_field_f_104 format=trackerrender}{DIV}{DIV(class=panel-body)}{display name=tracker_field_f_70 default=""} {DIV}{DIV}{OUTPUT} {LIST} {DIV}

The output produced would be:

Click to expand
Click to expand

Learn more: Masonry Related commits: 59869, 59882

1.6. HTTP Headers

New HTTP Headers preferences were added (mainly security-related)

1.7. Installation: updated information

Letting new users know how to get involved with Tiki.

  • https://tiki.org/Join
    • Inviting them to Register and get access to all Tiki Community sites through Tiki's InterTiki feature.
      • Once part of the community, please feel free to help others, improve the documentation and contribute code.

Letting new users know where to get help.

How to become a developer.

1.8. Preferences in Control Panels: Slider to display Advanced

In Tiki16, and backported to Tiki15.3, a slider has been introduced to allow showing the advanced preferences in the Control Panels more easily. The funnel is shown only when the slider has been moved to show advanced preferences. If you want your preference to be permanent, you need to click as usual on the button "Set as my default":


1.9. PDF: New generator (mPDF)

 Already in 15.2

This only concerns upgrades from Tiki 15.1 or earlier. mPDF was added to Tiki 15.2.

mPDF becomes a new option to create PDFs from your wiki pages.

mPDF cannot be bundled with Tiki due to licensing restrictions (and size because of included fonts). But, it is easy to install.

A good alternative to PluginArchiveBuilder

See also:

To display PDFs in your wiki you can use PluginMediaPlayer or PluginWebDocViewer.

Since Tiki 16.2, the options related to printing to html or pdf have been gathered together in a new Control Panel called Print Settings.

See Print Settings

1.11. Trackers

1.11.1. Tracker Transaction

Trackers had the ability to be filled in steps through multiple wiki pages, but they currently also have the chance to have the changes of all those pages committed only in the last step. This means that, before this Tiki version, each step (implemented manually with wiki pages and custom plugin tracker calls) was inserting or updating data to the tracker item.


1.11.2. Field Group selector extended

Since Tiki 16.2, group selector tracker field allows to set Email Notification for all the users in the select group.


See: Group selector

1.11.3. Field Location

Location Tracker Field: Added address lookup options from other fields in the same tracker.

Item link: Added the ability to display results in a table, and to select items from a list with checkboxes in order to have a Mathematical Calculation Tracker Field process some math out of some numeric fields provided in the linked items.

Since Tiki 16.2, new options have been added to tracker field "item link":

  1. the user interface of the table display reuses the features of PluginTrackerList, which opens the door to have custom inline editable fields, sortable tables, etc. See Items List and Item Link Tracker Fields
  2. that tracker field can display items from the remote tracker which match the value of the common field between the two tracker plus those with a wildcard (asterisk, *) in that field.
    • An Update button is shown then below the table, which will proceed as follows:
      • all selected wildcard items are cloned and become linked items
      • all selected normal items stay the same
      • all unselected normal items are deleted

      This allows users to make some selections, update, then edit as necessary. Cloned items are safe to edit (they no longer edit the wildcard item but the cloned one), and then save the whole form.
      The Update button makes sure this works for new items when we still don't have the itemId to clone to, etc.


In addition, you can get sums of values of the linked tracker items in a mathematical calculation field in the same source tracker. See an example in the profile Work_Custom_Pricing

1.11.5. Field Static Text

Enhanced. Since Tiki16.2, a new option in tracker field StaticText allows to use "pretty tracker" syntax in them to enable values from other fields in that tracker to be displayed per item.

It currently works with:

  • fieldId (e.g. {$f_42}), or
  • permName (e.g. {$f_exampleField},
  • plugin arguments (e.g. {img fileId="{$f_42}"}).

As of Tiki 16.2, it only gets id's for Categories and ItemLink fields, but it could be extended later.

See Static Text Tracker Field.

1.11.6. Field User selector extended

Since Tiki 16.2, user selector tracker field alows selecting multiple users, and that selection can be on a full list of site users, of filterable by groups of users:


This is also useful for notifications to user creators/owners of a tracker item, to handle permissions per item when no full permissions are granted in the whole tracker level but only to the items that the user is set as creator/owner of the item.

See: User selector

1.11.7. Tracker item permissions

Since Tiki 16.2, the core tiki permission system has been extended to allow trackeritems inherit object permissions from parent trackers.

The side effect is that permission levels are now composed allowing for greater flexibility, i.e. object permissions are complemented with category permissions and then with global permissions, which in fact has been the expected behavior, but it was not always enforced in edge-case-usages of trackers.

1.11.8. Tracker field permissions

Since Tiki 16.2, a new case has been added: admin_editable_after: non-admins can insert but not update and still are able to see the field. Administrators can edit that field.

See Adding fields to a tracker

1.11.9. Tracker prefix for field permanentNames

You can set a prefix in each tracker configuration to get prepended to the Permanent Names automatically generated for its tracker fields. This helps the process to have all tracker fields have consistant names with a common prefix corresponding to the tracker where they belong to, and facilitates using the right field in advanced setups with PluginList, PluginListExecute, PluginPivotTable, PluginTrackerCalendar, PluginMap, etc.

1.12. Feedback system revamp

Thanks to lindon for all the hard work, more here Feedback

1.13. Wiki Plugins

New or improved plugins, as well as generic improvements to many of them at once:

1.13.1. Filter UI in any plugin using unified search index

Since Tiki 16.2, any plugin using unified index search formatter and wikibuilder (aka filter, output, display, format, etc. wiki syntax, such as PluginList, PluginPivottable, etc) now accepts {filter field=... editable=...} syntax to allow user enter a search value instead of hard-coding it. This means a trackerfilter-like functionality for unified index-based plugins.

You can see this feature in action if you apply profile Bug_Tracker_16

Click to expand
Click to expand

1.13.2. PluginArchiveBuilder

Enhanced plugin. Since Tiki 16.2, it can work with files in file galleries also; i.e. it can collect all files, from the file gallery, on a tracker item and store them in folders.

See PluginArchiveBuilder

1.13.3. PluginChartJS

New plugin. Generate Doughnut- and Pie-type charts. See PluginChartJS.

1.13.4. PluginFade

Enhanced plugin. New parameter bootstrap ('y' or 'n') added, to generate bootstrap collapsible box instead of the previous html code.

See: PluginFade

1.13.5. PluginIframe

Enhanced plugin. Added responsive-embed option by default. See PluginIframe. Related commits: 59375

1.13.6. PluginList

Enhanced plugin. Added format=categorylist in the subplugin display, to display category names instead of category id's. It can have an option parameter: separator=" "; otherwise, the default separator is comma (,). (Tiki =>16.2) See LIST - display

1.13.7. PluginListExecute

Enhanced plugin. Added OUTPUT option, same syntax as LIST - OUTPUT command, which also allows for context filtering and inline edition of records before mass execution of actions on groups of items.

Added Calculations calculations as ListExecute actions

Since Tiki 16.2, two new actions have been added: filegal_rename and filegal_image_overlay, and it can currently also be run from console.php.

See PluginListExecute

1.13.8. PluginPaymentList

New Plugin, introduced in Tiki 16.2. It shows payments in various ways, respecting perm payment_view.

See: PluginPaymentList

1.13.9. PluginPivotTable

New plugin, introduced in Tiki 16.2. It allows creating summary tables or charts using tracker data through the unified search index to produce the pivottable report of your choice. Results for the variables of interest (tracker fields, as well as creation_date, modification_date and tracker_status of the items) are aggregated by some criteria selected by the user.

See PluginPivotTable

1.13.10. PluginTOC

Enhanced plugin. Added: mindepth parameter to display the structure sub-items from any level and not only from top level. Added: Alphabetic sorting See toc

1.13.11. PluginTracker

Enhanced plugin. Added showcomments option, enabled by default for backwards-compatibility. If you set it to "n", then the column about comments count and/or last author wil be hidden even if it is enabled in the tracker level.

Additionally, in 16.3, email recipients option allows to set fieldId of a UserSelector (including multiple users selected) and GroupSelector.

See PluginTracker.

1.13.12. PluginTrackerCalendar

Since Tiki 16.3, you can expose some filter fields on top of the calendar, which will allow the user to select values and filter in real time.

Click to expand
Click to expand

See PluginTrackerCalendar

1.13.13. PluginWikiDiff

Enhanced plugin. Hide version info by default and add a parameter to be able to show it again (thanks marclaporte; 59878.)

See PluginWikidiff.

Install & Upgrade

  • New PHP minimum requirement for Tiki 16.x is PHP 5.6

General upgrade notes

Also, see the standard information about Upgrades in Tiki.


Note that if you use a Tiki 16+ database on an older version of Tiki you will probably not be able to log in and will get an error message saying Unknown password format

Known Issues

  • For 16.0:
    • JS Minify is not compatible with CodeMirror syntax highlighting, but this has been fixed in version 16.1.
    • PluginFade doesn't work with the former default values in previous versions, but you need to force bootstrap="y" parameter in the plugin to show the title and contents, even if that changes the former display of plugin. Upgrading from previous versions without adding this parameter will hide your sections with plugin fade.
  • For 16.2:
    • We updated our YAML parsing library and the parser is now more strict so you need to be aware of some formerly valid invalid syntax which is not accepted as valid anymore with the new library:
      1. if you have foo:bar as your key: value pair in your Profiles you need to update the code to contain a space after the colon otherwise loading of the profile will fail (most of the Tiki official profiles fixed now), e.g. foo: bar or allow: [] will be correct
      2. if you have some tracker item values defined as empty (null) in your profile, instead of letting a position of the array empty, you need to add null explicitly (or ~ should work also as null).
        Example of a profile affected by this issue which has been fixed here.
    • Site logo and Site title can be shown twice under some setups when you upgrade from a previous version. If that is your case, you can hide the extra logo and site title at the left by means of adding this property in your custom css text area
      (Control Panels > Look & Feel > Customization > Custom codes > Custom CSS):
      Copy to clipboard
      a.navbar-brand {display: none;}
    • Icon from PluginFile (when parameter showicon="y" is included), is shown bigger than it should.
      • Fixed in Tiki 16.3.
    • Resizing an image through a param in the url for the src parameter of PluginImg doesn't work any more, and you need to replace that x=32 parameter in the src option with a new option styleimage=max-width:32px. Example:
      Copy to clipboard
      # Old (not valid since Tiki 16) {img src=tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1&thumbnail=y&x=32 link=tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1 responsive='n'} # New (valid in Tiki16+) {img src=tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1&thumbnail=y link=tiki-download_file.php?fileId=1 styleimage=max-width:32px responsive='n'}

      This does not seem to be true as you can see it still works here -> https://doc.tiki.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=3 &thumbnail=y&x=32
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