Searching tracker items

There are two ways or searching items on a tracker:

  1. Default and simple search, through the built in "filter" feature included by default in the interface when viewing tracker items ("tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=1"),
  2. Customized and more advanced search, through the PluginTrackerFilter within a wiki page.

This way allows searching for one single field each time.

Once you have created a Trackers, and added some items to it, you can search the tracker for some words of its fields. This action is called "filter" tracker items, in Tiki nomenclature, and that's what you'll probably see in the tracker interface when listing tracker items ("Choose a filter" drop down box and "filter" button next to it).


To search items for a specific name in this example tracker, for instance, select "Name and surnames" field in the "Choose a filter" drop down list, then write the keyword or name that you want to use as the search term in the filed on the left that will show up, and press on the "filter" button. In this example, we will search for any person of the staff called "Aytor" (or any name including "Aytor"):


This will find the two out of four people in the list which have that name.

This way allows searching for several fields at the same time

You can search trackers also using the extended features of the Wiki plugins related to trackers. In this case, you can use the PluginTrackerFilter to perform such a more advanced search.

See more information in PluginTrackerFilter.

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