This is deprecated and has some security issues. Please use Mathematical Calculation Tracker Field instead.

Computed Tracker Field

This field type allows you to compute a field function of other field of the item.

You use # for indicating fieldIds and +,*,/,- and parenthesis for operations.

For example, if you have a field with an Id of 3 which has a numeric quantity, and a field with an Id of 4 which has an item price, to multiply quantity and price: #3*#4

A file containing a little script to sync a computed field is attached to this page. This is useful when you add a new computed field on existing items for instance.

Since Tiki 15.0 (or 14.2, 12.5), you can indicate:

  • Decimal Places:
    Amount of decimals to preserve before rounding.
  • Decimal separator when displaying data:
    Single character. Use c for comma, d for dot or s for space. The valid decimal separator when inserting numbers may depend on site language and web browser. See documentation for more details.
  • Thousand separator when displaying data
    Single character, Use c for comma, d for dot or s for space. When inserting data no thousands separator is needed.

Known limitations

  1. While it can do calculations between dates, it can't give a negative value for days. So if you are measuring how many days ahead or late you are according to schedule, you can't have -6 days. Solution:
  2. There was no way to round of values in Tiki versions prior to Tiki 15.0 (or 14.2, 12.5). So you could end up with a value like 5.71228448276 . solution:
    • Upgrade to Tiki 15.0 (or 14.2, 12.5) at least, and use the provided extra option to indicate the number of decimal points that you need.
    • Use Mathematical Calculation Tracker Field instead. Syntax: round