Tiki offers options for the unified index: Unified Index Comparison

Before you switch from one to another, you may want to compare results.

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# php console.php index:compare --help Description: Compare search engine results in wikiplugins Usage: index:compare-engines [options] Options: --page=PAGE The page name to check --engine=ENGINE Search engines to compare: specify exactly two engines, should be one of: elastic, mysql or manticore (multiple values allowed) --html Export the differences found in a well formatted HTML file --reindex Reindex search engines before running this script -h, --help Display help for the given command. When no command is given display help for the list command -q, --quiet Do not output any message -V, --version Display this application version --ansi|--no-ansi Force (or disable --no-ansi) ANSI output -n, --no-interaction Do not ask any interactive question --site=SITE Multi-Tiki instance --as-user=AS-USER Run the command as a different Tiki user -v|vv|vvv, --verbose Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug Help: Check unified search plugin results inside wiki pages by comparing different search index results. Only plugins that use the unified search results are verified. #