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Welcome Authors

Thanks for joining the effort to document the progress of Tiki!

Getting Started as an Author

  1. Register at, then login here.
  2. Read About the Tiki Documentation.
  3. Read the page on our Documentation Lifecycle.
  4. Learn How to Tag documentation pages effectively.
  5. Browse the Documentation Status page.
  6. Choose a page to improve (likely something you need help with yourself!, or look for them at stub, for instance).
  7. If content exists on (tw.o), transfer the content to documentation page. Be sure to:
    • Correctly format the page (based on the How to Tag information).
    • Link the documentation page to/from the tw.o page.
  8. Learn by doing. Newbies are welcome.
  9. If in doubt, ask in the comments area of each page once you become a contributor to the site

Sources of wisdom

In order to improve the documentation, you need wisdom about how the software works. Here are places to look.

  1. — If you can't find it here, do a search there first. was formerly the main center for documentation, but much of it is now out of date.
  2. forums — Post a question in the appropriate forum.
  3. The 1.9 documentation — Check the last comprehensive publication of Tiki documentation, which still provides a good overview and information on many features.
  4. — Search the Tiki developers site.
  5. — Developers and other users can often be found on IRC chat, but activity varies according to time of day, etc., so please be patient if you ask a question.

Becoming an expert

If you have read and understand the following pages, you will be well on your way to becoming an expert.

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