Hi my name is Mike Smith and because I have a very common name I generally identify myself as "Mike Smith -" (this points to my blog).

I have become involved in the TikiWiki project as an implementor and non-developer with a long-standing interest in group collaboration. I have extensive IT experience throughout my 24 year career.

You can find out more about me by looking at my LinkedIn profile at...

I hope to contribute to the project and it's documentation by providing a fresh view on how the project is perceived by a new (but somewhat competent) user.

I also hope to contribute to the direction the project takes.

My 1st TikiWiki site - the Permaculture Community body of knowledge (

This is a collaboration space for a moderate global environment movement. We are VERY fragmented at the moment so I hope to bring us all together into a single place that keeps people around because it has everything we need.