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See Modules; Creating Custom Modules (was Create User Modules previously).
Something here (and in a link description to here) is mixed up with modules, users can pin ("assign") specifically for themselves. Like user specific modules. Do we have this feature and is it maintained?

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Here user specific "self-assigned" modules

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If enabled from the admin screen you can allow registered users to configure the modules they will see in the side bars of Tiki. The rules are:

If no configuration is made the user will see modules as configured from the modules administration screen
The user can remove modules, change the position and order of modules but they can t display modules that are not assigned by the admin from the modules admin screen.
The user can recover the default configuration with a single click whenever he wants

The following screen is used to let the user manage modules:

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The user can move the modules up/down they can move a module to the other column and they can unassign modules (the login box and application menu cannot be unassigned). If the user unassigns a module he will be able to assign the module to any column in any position if he wants.

Here possibly mixed up custom module info

User modules are modules where the content can be anything you want. Under MyTiki section, if enabled by an admin, a user select which and where modules he/she wants to see, from the list of modules assigned to the tiki site that he/she has permission to see.


This screen shows currently assigned modules and their order, cache,groups and number of rows. There are two tables, one for the modules at the left bar and other for the modules at the right bar. You can edit (assign) a module, remove it (it will only unassign the module, you can reassigned later) and you can also move the module up or down one position using the up/down links.

See Module Details for more information on how this user modules can be rules by Tiki. And see Module Admin for more information on how to create new user modules, how to assign them, how to edit their assignment, and how to edit them.


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