Tiki comes with a number of Themes - these themes, which are also known as "skins" or "templates" or "styles" in other software, control the visual appearance of the Tiki site but not the choices of what information goes where - which is driven by the features, configuration, and modules chosen for the site. In Tiki, the visual theme affects only appearance, not functionality, so a theme can't introduce a security risk.

Choosing a bundled theme

  • Site default theme: set this by going to Admin Home > Look & Feel, selecting the theme and clicking "Apply".
  • User theme: users can be given permission to override the default theme by activating Reg users can change theme at Admin Home > Look & Feel. Once the feature is activated, users can select their personal theme for the site in their preferences page under the My Account menu.
  • Switch-theme module: - You can also activate the module switch_theme which makes it very easy for all users (logged in or not, depending on the permission assigned to this feature) to select a theme for his or her use through a module in the left or right column or other location.

Installing an external "aftermarket" theme

Tiki comes bundled with a number of themes to choose from, but if you don't find anything to your liking, you can get more at the Theme marketplace.

Instructions on how to upload a new theme to your Tiki site can be found on or on the instruction pages of the individual theme. After you have downloaded a theme from the Tiki themes site and then uploaded it to the themes directory your own site, you must activate it. You do this as you would with a bundled theme. Find information on selecting a theme at Look and Feel Theme.

Using multiple themes on a Tiki site

Theme Control enables assigning themes according to

  • category
  • section
  • individual object (i.e. an individual wiki page, blog, gallery, etc.)

For instance, to set the theme for objects in certain categories, if you are logged on as admin:

  • Make sure that Theme Control is enabled
    • Go to Admin -> Look & Feel
    • Make sure the Theme Control is checked.
  • Select the theme
    • Go to Admin -> Theme Control
    • For the Category picklist choose Default Category (so that the theme will apply to all pages on your site).
    • For the Theme picklist, select a particular theme.
    • Click on the Assign button.
    • Note: You have to refresh the page to see the new theme take effect.

  • is the place for finding more information about visual themes and for demonstrating and distributing Tiki themes. This is a Tiki community site, and all members are welcome to submit their creations.