Theme Control

Theme control is a configuration page that can assign different themes to different sections, categories, and objects in a Tikiwiki site.


To use the theme control, you need to go in the submenu Theme control tiki-theme_control.php of Administration menu. The theme control center can be used to assign a theme to:

  • A tiki category
  • A tiki section
  • A tiki individual object

So you can have a gray site with a wiki page displayed in a red background and the articles section in blue and the Sun category in purple!

The theme control center screen is presented as follows:


This screen is used to assign themes to categories. There are two similar screens that can be accessed using the links at the top of the page to assign a theme to a tiki section or to an individual tiki object.

Theme selection policy

It is important to know how a theme will be selected by Tiki, the following policy is applied.

  1. If there is a theme for the individual object being displayed, then that theme is used.
  2. If not, then if there is a theme for the category where the object belongs, then that theme is used. Note that from version 5, if an object is in more than one category and the categories have different themes assigned which is obviously a conflict then all category themes are ignored and the selection logic moves to the next level.
  3. If not, then if there is a theme for the current Tiki section, that theme will be used
  4. If not, then if the user selected a theme (users must be permitted to select their theme on the Administration tiki-admin.php / Login page tiki-admin.php?page=login), or a Group theme is assigned to the user's default Group, then that theme is used
  5. If not, then the default site theme is used (specified on the Administration tiki-admin.php / General page tiki-admin.php?page=general )

Changing the css without the templates

If you have a theme xxx with its css styles/xxx.css and its templates in templates/styles/xxx/, you can define another theme xxx-yyy. It will use the css styles/xxx-yyy.css and the templates in templates/styles/xxx/

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