Terms and Conditions

Introduced in Tiki13.

The Terms and Conditions feature allows to present users with terms to approve before accessing the site. It have an option to set minimal age requirement to login. The feature applies to registered users only.

Upon login, each user will be prompted with the age approval form (if required) then terms of use of the site and will be required to accept them before performing any action on the site. Administrators (with the global admin permission) are excluded from these rules.

When the terms page is modified, users will be required to re-approve the terms on their next log-in. If age entered is under the requirement the user will asked to cancel login process (he will stay anonymous).

To use the feature:

  1. Enable it from Admin > General > General Settings
  2. Optionally change the page name (Defaults to Terms)
  3. Create the Terms page with your content
  4. Set the minimal age requirement (if set to 0 it will bypassed)

Tiki12 Termsandconditions

Interaction with Multilingual

If your site uses the Multilingual feature, the most appropriate terms page translation will be presented to your users. Simply create the page's translation.

If the user's preferred language is not available, the language will fallback to the next most suitable one, which may include the browser's language, until the initial page provided in the administrator panel is provided.

Interaction with Flagged Revision

If the Terms page is under an approval workflow, only the approved versions will be considered for terms and condition approval.