Static Text Tracker Field

This type of field inserts text between item fields. When this type of field is chosen, the Description text field changes in a textarea, so the tracker creator can put whole paragraphs of text.
The basic usage of this type of field does not allow any input from the users. However, you can request tiki to parse the contents of the description textarea from this tracker field, taking into account just line breaks, all wiki parsing, or since Tiki16.2, all wiki parsing plus pretty tracker syntax to reuse values from other fields of the same tracker item in there.

Therefore, the initial purpose of this field is to allow for a more legible display, even if it can be used for more advanced setups in combination with PluginJQ, PluginArchiveBuilder, or PluginPaymentList.

1.1. Parameters

The content of the "Name" text field will be displayed on the left column.
The content of the "Description" text field will be displayed as text on the right column.

wikisyntax1 or 0if 1, the text will be wiki-parsed, and since Tiki6.1, the notification emails (if any) will include the parsed version. If 0, only line breaks are supported, and the exact text is sent in the email with no parsing.
listmaxnumericmaximum number of characters that are displayed in list mode

1.2. Examples

Basic Example 1: 'Read this first' in a registration form

You can play with a basic example if you apply profile User_Trackers, where PluginTabs and PluginFade are used inside a static text tracker field to allow displaying more information to users in the registration process to their a Tiki site.

It will show a section called "Note" displayed to users in the middle of the form, with two tabs: "Read this first" (which includes an expandable section when you click at the link "Read more") and "Feedback":


Basic example 2: Terms and conditions

It can be used to display a term and conditions text for instance.


You can use a static field in combination of a mandatory checkbox field to display a terms and conditions note.
If the shadowbox and jquery features are on, you can do a popup like this

[|Click to see the terms|shadowbox:title:Terms;]

If the IFRAME plugin is activated, you can display an ifram like this

{IFRAME(src="tiki-print.php?page=Terms" height="300px" width="300px") /}


  • This is a 2.0 feature.

You can play with an advanced example if you apply profile Work_Custom_Pricing. A static text tracker field is used to place code through PluginJQ to synchronize owners (through user selector tracker field ) of related items in linked trackers (through tracker field ItemLink ).

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