The Tiki Slideshow has been upgraded to for Tiki19. The documentation below needs to be split accordingly


There are several ways in Tiki that can produce slideshows, depending of the type of content, if standalone or embeded, where the source content to be displayed is stored, and the features enabled in your site:

  1. The "Slideshow feature" allows you to create simple presentations via Wiki Syntax. You can customize the appearance of the show via wiki syntax.
    • Some uses for slideshows:
    • Since Tiki7, a new slideshow system based on JQS5 has been added, and it can be used to convert any wiki page with headings into a slideshow.
    • You can fine tune the parameters for your slideshow in a wiki page, with PluginSlideshow
    • Click here for a demo.
  2. PluginColorbox displays all images from a file gallery, image gallery, or selected images from a file gallery, and presents them in its own new window, wrapped in a box with a dark background at the rest of the screen. The viewer has to manually click at the corresponding button to move forward to each new image.
  3. PluginFiles is able to launch a slideshow presentation of images from a file gallery in its own new window, wrapped in a colorbox environment (a box with dark background at the rest of the screen). The slideshow autoplays and self-advances itself.
  4. PluginSlider makes an embedded slideshow from whatever content you add there (images, text, video, etc, splitted between markers for new slide) .
  5. PluginCarousel displays the images of a filegallery in a self-advancing carousel, as an embedded slideshow.
  6. PluginGalleriffic displays images from a file gallery using the Jquery Galleriffic module, which produces an embedded slideshow which can autoplay and self-advance itself.
  7. PluginList allows to present thre results in a slideshow format in Tiki14+. See "Carousel Formatting"
  8. PluginSwiper

From now onwards, the rest of this documentation page is devoted to the "Slideshow feature" itself.

What it looks like

Tiki Suite slideshow

A simple slideshow in an iframe

Split text in slides

Slideshows are easy to make and easy to view. Just split up your document by using Wiki syntax headers which are as follows (this would make a very simple and easy to view slideshow):

!Slide Header 1
Slide Content

!!Slide Header 2
Slide Content

!!Slide Header 3
Slide Content

!!Slide Header 4
Slide Content

!!!Slide Header 5
Slide Content

Titles break up your document so that slideshow knows what to do with it. TO view the plugin, ensure that feature_slideshow is enabled, and there will be a button at the bottom of your wiki page to switch to the slideshow view of that page.

With the slideshow feature on, pages are attempted to be converted into a slideshow automatically. To further configure slideshow, use the plugin - PluginSlideshow. This includes saving your current page's theme etc.

See more information on the slideshow feature at the documentation page PluginSlideshow

PDF Export

PDF export has been added to Tiki9. It is still marked experimental feature in Tiki 12.0. To turn on simple follow these steps:

  • Enable
    • Visit "tiki-admin.php?page=features" in your installation of tiki
    • Ensure that "Slideshow (jQuery.s5) PDF Export" is checked (if it doesn't appear under the Slideshow checkbox make sure the experimental checkbox on top of the page is checked on)
  • To export the page/presentation as a PDF
    • Click the "Slideshow" button on a wiki page
    • Click the "Export to PDF" button found in the bottom of the page in the slideshow menu
      • Choose vertical or horizontal
      • Choose font size

Other Non-Wiki Slideshows

Other types of slideshow functionality exist in Tiki. File Gallery and Image Galleries have slideshow functionality built in.
For image slideshows in wiki pages see Colorbox and Shadowbox, Infinite Carousel and PluginImg.

Adjusting css properties

Font Size

Font can be adjusted by adding the following css to the page (in admin look and feel will probably be easiest). Default is 1em, so 1.1 would be slightly larger, 0.9em would be slightly smaller.

/*slightly larger*/
#s5-size-detector {
	width: 1.1em ! important;
	height: 1.1em ! important;


You can use this code to have all text show higher spacing:

/*slightly larger*/
.s5-slide * {
        line-height: 1.1em ! important;

And you can use this other code to have just items in lists (ordered and unordered) higher spacing:

/*slightly larger*/
.s5-slide * li {
        padding-top: 0.5em ! important;
        padding-bottom: 0.5em ! important;

You can use this code to have higher footer text:

/*slightly larger*/
.s5-footer {
        font-size: 120% ! important;

More information

See PluginSlideshow for more information on how to customize a presentation, with a real example.

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