Benodigdheden en Instelling

Aanbevolen Minimale Hardware Configuratie

  • 128 megabytes RAM (afhankelijk van het verwachtte verkeer)
  • meer dan 60 megabytes vrije ruimte op schijf (de bronbestanden gebruiken ongeveer 35MB en de toegevoegde plaatjes (aanhangsels) worden op schijf opgeslagen)

Benodigde Software

  • PHP 5.2+, Tiki werkt niet met oudere versies van PHP.
  • Een MySQL Server 5.0+
  • Een webserver die PHP kan verwerken. Apache wordt sterk aanbevolen maar het is mogelijk dat andere webservers ook werken. IIS valt hieronder.

Optionele Softwares of Libs

Sommige Tiki onderdelen kunnen gebruik maken van externe software.

  • Afbeeldings bewerking library om Miniatuurafbeeldingen mee te maken, dynamische for thumbnail generation, dynamic chart generation and Prevent automatic/robot registration. This can be either :
    • GD library > 1.5 and PHP compiled
    • ImageMagick but only for thumbnail generation see ImageMagick Install
      (You don't need to get those 2 libraries if you use PHP 4.3+ since they are bundled.)
  • WikiGraph plugin needs GraphViz installed : see GraphViz Install
  • Search : For full-text search MySQL 3.23.23+, for boolean full-text search MySQL4.0.1+.
  • Webmail : Will need at least PHP 4.2+
  • PDF generation : Needs php-xml package. Consider a PHP error message about utf8_decode() upon exportation an indication you don't have it installed.
  • Maps : PHP in CGI mode and Mapserver with a PHP module, obtainable from

PHP Setup

Use a recent versions. 4.2+ is recommended but it will work with 4.1 too (there was a session bug in 4.1.2 which have been pretty problematic).

  • You don't need any specific PHP extension to install Tiki but GD is recommended and will be used if you have it. (GD is bundled by default with PHP 4.3+)
  • If you want to use uploads (files, images) make sure uploads are enabled in php.ini.
    : file_uploads = On
  • Tiki uses sessions (a common mechanism in PHP4) make sure that the path where PHP stores sessions (php.ini) exists and that PHP can write to that path. (special case in Shared Hosting environment where you may have no access to /tmp, in which case replace it with temp, with no shlash).
    : session.save_handler = files
    : session.save_path = /tmp
  • It is highly recommended to increase the maximum memory size for PHP scripts from 8 MB to at least 16 MB if not 32 MB in your php.ini configuration file. Uploaded files are hashed with md5(), so watch this setting too if you upload files of several megabytes. Whilst Tiki can run in 8 MB environments for most actions eventually as you load your Tiki with content it requires more memory. Please dont use Tiki in 8Mb environments, it will cause you more problems later on. Before reporting a problem, particularly getting blank pages, change to 16 MB.
    : memory_limit = 16M
  • Another settings recommended to change which may cause timeouts if your wiki is large and prevent you from doing a Backup through the Admin menu.
    : max_execution_time = 60
  • With PHP4.1, be sure pcre is enabled (enabled by default with PHP4.2+)
  • For character encoding consistency reasons it is recommended to set
    : default_charset = "utf-8"

Apache Setup

MySQL Setup

Indicated commands are for example only, in case you use command-line. If you are not very comfortable with MySQL, consider using PhpMyAdmin.

  • create an empty database for storing tikiwiki data
    : mysqladmin create tikidb
  • it's strongly advised you create a new mysql user for acces to the created database
    : mysql -e "grant all on tikidb.* to tikidbuser@localhost identified by 'tikipass';"
    : mysql -e "flush privileges;"

Other DB setup

  • reproduce same operation than for mysql with your other DB.