Referer Stats

This page shows the different sources (referring domains) that have sent traffic to your Tiki site. Each hit represents a visit from a person who clicked to your site from the referring domain.
To Access
From the Admin menu, selec Admin > Referer Stats.
You must enable the Referer Stats option on the General Settings tab of the General Admin page.

Referer Stats page
Referer Stats page
Field Description
Domain The URL of the referring site. Click the domain name to view the actual referring page.
Hits The total number of referals from the domain.
Last The time and date of the last (most recent) referal from this domain.

To use this feature, enable the Referer Stats option in the Stats area of the General Settings tab on the General Admin page.

Click Clear Stats to erase (clear) the referrer stats database.

See Stats Admin for additional site statistics

There is the option to view the Referer stats, through "Admin > Referer stats" (which will lead you to "tiki-referer_stats.php")

You will be able to see the domain from which the users came from when viewing your site:


They can be set at: "Admin home > Features > Administration Features > Referer Stats", for the site statistics (see previous figure in Stats Admin).

Click Clear Stats to erase (clear) the referrer stats database.