RPM Install

This is an installation guide.

You can find all available Tiki releases from the Download page if you do not find your version here.


Browse the Mandriva RPM repository to find your Tiki version.
Tiki RPM
Mapserver-php RPM for TikiMap
tikiwiki-mapdata RPM for TikiMap

After the installation of the RPM, point your browser to<version>/tiki-install.php 
to complete the installation. Read InstallTikiDoc from create a ))MySQL(( database.

You may want to create a symlink from tiki to tikiwiki-<version>:

ln -s tikiwiki-<version> tiki



Fedora Core 3

The trycky part, is to install the MySQL 4.1.
First, we start from a clean Fedora installation (with http server, and without Mysql). Update the system with up2date:

[root@fedoraC3 ~] up2date -uv

?Question: that can't be all? 1. where can I download the rpm for fedora from? Could someone link that here perhaps?