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Enabling Quizzes

Select Admin--->Features, and then click the checkbox next to the Quizzes option

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Creating Quizzes

Click on the Quiz Admin option of the Quizzes menu, The Create/Edit Quizzes page will be displayed:

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Setting Quiz Options

Let's walk through all of the options on the admin form above:

Option Explanation
Name Name of the Quiz. This name will be used to track the quiz and its results
Description This is where you can describe the questions and/or the testing goals of the quiz.
Categorize Allows you set associate the Quiz with a set of content using Tiki's Category system
Publish Date The first date will be available to users (users must have correct permissions, see below
Expiration Date The date the quiz is no longer available to users. Default value is 1 year from publish date
Quiz can be repeated User is allowed to take the quiz more than once. If this is not enabled, the user will get an error message when they attempt to take the quiz a second time. Please note that there is no way to prevent anonymous users from taking a quiz more than once. If you absolutely need to enforce the one-time rule, limit quiz permissions to registered users.
Store Quiz Results If you check this option then the results of the Quiz will be stored each time a user takes the quiz and you will be able to see the answers of each particular quiz instance. If you don't check this option, only general stats about the quiz will be stored (percentage of times for each option in each question, average score for the Quiz, score for each Quiz result, etc.)
Immediate Feedback Not implemented yet
Show Correct Answers Not implemented yet
Shuffle Questions Not implemented yet
Shuffle Answers Not implemented yet
Quiz is Time Limited If this option is checked, then you can specify a time limit for the quiz in the Maximum Time dropdown box immediately below this option. The time limit is effective for users who are only allowed to take the quiz once. The limit is not enforced when the quiz can be taken multiple times.
Maximum Time The maximum time in minutes that a user can work on the quiz. At the end of this time limit, the current answers are automatically submitted.
Passing Percentage This is calculated by counting the percentage of points scored out of the maximum points available. Each question can be assigned a different point total (see Creating Questions below), so it's possible to make questions more important to the final score.

Creating Quiz Questions in the Web Interface

To create questions one at a time from the web interface, go to the Quiz Admin page and click on "questions" for the quiz you wish to build. You'll open the Edit Quiz Question page:

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