See also: Trackers, Surveys and Polls. What is the difference between them?
  • Quiz: Many questions. This is a test and you get points for getting the answer right.
  • Surveys: Many questions. Can be open-ended or radio buttons, etc. We want to know what you think.
  • Polls: One question radio buttons. We want to know what you think.
  • Trackers: A powerful general purpose form (and database) building tool, with which you can build surveys.

The Quizzes feature allows you to build sets of questions for contests, e-learning, or just plain fun. Quizzes have several available controls:

  • Points per question
  • Points per answer
  • Passing Grade
  • Time Limits
  • Repeat the Quiz
  • Results Storage and Analysis

Since Tiki 9, the Quizzes feature has been tagged as 'experimental'. To access it on the Features page you must select "Experimental" in your "Preference Filters".

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