Print Indexed

This is a stub for an Experimental feature of Tiki3, which has been improved a bit in Tiki5.

Permits to generate a printable version of the whole wiki or a subset of pages, filtered by category, which deals well with the fact that page numbering is very difficult to do in the browser.

For a multilingual glossary of terms, it focuses on an easy to use report, with an index in each language. So you can look at the index and with a number find the relevant entry and its translation(s)

Since page numbering is tricky, it uses sequential numbers for the entries so they are easy to find.

You can see in action here:[]=5&languages[]=en&languages[]=fr&languages[]=es

Once you activate the feature, you need to manually create a link (There is no pre-built link anywhere) to point your browser to tiki-print_indexed.php and pass some parameters. For example:


This will print all multilingual pages that have 5 as their category ID. The content of pages will be printed in English, French and Spanish (only languages for which a given page is available).

This feature will check for permissions before showing content.

See also the feature Multi-print in admin->wiki->features