Plugin Web Doc Viewer

Introduced in Tiki12

Use this wiki plugin to embed and display many types of documents in a page.
The server hosting your Tiki web instance must be accessible from the Internet in order for this plugin to work. If Google's servers cannot load the document, the plugin cannot preview its contents. For similar functionality, fully on your infrastructure, please see: PluginPreview.


View a document in a page
Introduced in Tiki 12.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_webdocviewer

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
fileId digits The FileId of a file in a File Gallery of the file you wish to embed in the viewer. 12.0
url url The URL of the file you wish to embed in the viewer. If the file is stored in File Galleries, please use the fileId parameter 12.0
height digits Height in pixels 350 12.0
width digits Width in pixels 425 12.0

Supported file types:

  • Image files (.JPEG, .PNG, .GIF, .TIFF, .BMP)
  • Raw Image formats
  • Video files (WebM, .MPEG4, .3GPP, .MOV, .AVI, .MPEGPS, .WMV, .FLV, .ogg)
  • Microsoft Word (.DOC and .DOCX)
  • Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT and .PPTX)
  • Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF)
  • Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)
  • PostScript (.EPS, .PS)
  • TrueType (.TTF)
  • XML Paper Specification (.XPS)
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Forms
  • Google Drawings
  • Google Drive (.PDF, "Image files", "Video files")

Note : For a full list of supported file types please visit



To add a preview of a document in a wiki page, forum post, blog post, use the WEBDOCVIEWER plugin like this:

File Gallery

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{webdocviewer url="" width="750" height="780"}


 SEFurl may be required
SEFurl should be activated to use "fileId" or "dl178" parameters
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{webdocviewer fileId="1" width="425" height="350"}

Display a PDF from another site

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{webdocviewer url="" width="425" height="350"}

NOTE: If you "popout" top left corner of the pdf being displayed, you can get the download, print, save, etc. links.

Note: To display a PDF from a Google drive use the PluginIframe.


Wiki Plugin PluginMediaPlayer is similar or PluginGoogleDoc.

  • It uses JQuery.
    • If you run into problems with one, it's nice to have a second option to try.