Plugin Subscribe Groups 

Introduced in Tiki2

If you have allowed users to subscribe themselves to groups, you can use this wiki plugin to allow them to subscribe/unsubscribe to a list of groups. Please see PluginSubscribeGroup for a related plugin that allows a user to subscribe/unsubscribe to a single group.

Security and permissions 

  • A user must have the perm tiki_p_subscribe_group to be able to see the box
    To set this permission go to Settings > Groups
  • The group must be set as being a user choice
    To set this configuration go to Settings > Groups

 Security Caution

Using this plugin, any registered user will be able to access any group provided that the group has "User Choice" checked in the settings for the group at Settings > Groups.


Introduced in Tiki 2.
Preferences required: wikiplugin_subscribegroups
Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
defaulturl Page user will be directed to after clicking on icon to change default group 4.0
managementpagename Name of wiki page for group management by leaders, where groupName will be substituted by the group name 8.0
groups Colon-separated list of groups. By default the list of groups available to the user. 2.0
hidelink_including Hide link to group home page for groups that include the group being specified here 8.0
including Only list groups that include the group being specified here 4.0
leadergroupname Name of group for leaders of the group, where groupName will be substituted by the group name 8.0
pendinggroupname Name of group for users that are waiting for approval to enter the group, where groupName will be substituted by the group name 8.0
subscribe Text shown in the dropdown box. Default: Subscribe to a group 2.0
alwaysallowleave (blank)
Always allow leaving group even if the group settings do not allow user choice. n 8.0
showgroupdescription (blank)
Show the description of the group (not shown by default) n 4.0
showdefault (blank)
Shows which group is the user's default group (if any) and allows the user to change his or her default group. n 4.0
showsubscribe (blank)
Show the subscribe box (shown by default). Will not show if there are no other groups the user may register for. y 4.0
subscribestyle dropdown
Style to show the subscribe box. dropdown 8.0

In the list of groups, you can see included groups in italics. You can not unsubscribe to an included group, if you are in the including group.


This code:

{subscribegroups groups="Cinergie:Editors" subscribe="Subscribe to a group"}

Would produce:



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