Plugin Redirect

Introduced in Tiki3

Use this wiki plugin to semi-permanently redirect any existing wiki page to any other specified wiki page or URL. If it's for wiki pages, a better alternative is the Page Alias


Introduced in Tiki 3.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_redirect

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
autologin_remotetiki url Base URL where remote Tiki is located, to auto login to prior to redirection to page there, e.g.
url url Complete URL, internal or external. 3.0
page pagename Wiki page name to redirect to. 3.0
perspective int The ID of a perspective to switch to (requires feature_perspective). 7.1


  • It does not check permissions of the destination page, so users may need to login after redirect.
  • It can redirect to a wiki page or to any URL, which is why there is Plugin security
  • There is no warning about "you will be redirected in 5 seconds message" or similar; it's instant!
  • There is a check to stop possible loops
  • URL redirects can be both: absolute starting with protocol like http:// or relative to the Tiki root

How to edit the redirect page?

Q:How do you go back to original page for editing...
A: Use /tiki-editpage.php?page=TheTargetPageWithTheRedirectPlugin

You can also go to the page history to view source, compare or unroll changes made that include the REDIRECT code. Use /tiki-pagehistory.php?page=TheTargetPageWithTheRedirectPlugin


The redirect plugin usage is:

{redirect page="pagename"}

or for URLs (tiki-something.php... or http://...)

{redirect url="url"}

or for perspectives:

{redirect perspective="Id"}


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