Plugin Mouseover

Introduced in Tiki3

Use this wiki plugin to display hidden content by mousing over text.


Introduced in Tiki 3. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_mouseover

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Hidden content, unless the label parameter is undefined, in which case this is the label.
label text Text displayed on the page. The body is the hidden content. 3.0
url url Destination link when mouseover text is clicked. Use http:// for external links javascript:void(0) 3.0
bgcolor text Background color to apply to the popup 3.0
class text CSS class to apply plugin-mouseover 4.0
closeDelay digits Number of seconds before popup closes 0 5.0
effect (blank)| none| slide| fade| blind_ui| clip_ui| drop_ui| explode_ui| fold_ui| puff_ui| slide_ui Set the type of show/hide animation that will be used 4.0
height digits Mouseover box height. Default: 200px 200 3.0
offsetx int Shifts the overlay to the right by the specified number of pixels relative to the cursor. Default: 5 5 3.0
offsety int Shifts the overlay lower by the specified number of pixels relative to the cursor. Default: 0 24 3.0
padding digits Padding size in pixels 3.0
tag word HTML tag to use for the label. Default a a 9.2
text text DEPRECATED Hidden content. The body contains the label. 3.0
textcolor text Color to apply to the text in the popup 3.0
width digits Mouseover box width. Default: 400px 400 3.0
speed (blank)
Set the speed of the animation. 4.0
parse (blank)
Parse the body of the plugin as wiki content (parsed by default) y 3.0
parselabel (blank)
Parse the label as wiki content (parsed by default) y 5.0
sticky (blank)
When enabled, popup stays visible until it is clicked. 3.0


Non-sticky Mouseover

This code:

{MOUSEOVER(label="Hello" offsetx="4" offsety="15")}Hello over there. It's fine!{MOUSEOVER}

Would produce:
HelloHello over there. It's fine!

Sticky Mouseover with Tiki Syntax

This code:

{MOUSEOVER(label="Sticky" sticky="y" parse="y" offsetx="4" offsety="15")}This is a ''sticky'' popup{MOUSEOVER}

Would produce:
StickyThis is a sticky popup