Plugin Media Player

Use this wiki plugin to play a media file, like MP3, MP4, SWF, FLV, AVI, WMV, RAM, MOV, MPEG, PDF, ... To play them, this plugin uses an open source media player based on Flash or a native HTML5 player.


Besides the parameters described at and you can use the following Tiki parameters:
(Found it at tiki-admin.php?page=textarea&cookietab=2&highlight=wikiplugin_mediaplayer.) Introduced in Tiki 3.
Go to the source code
Preferences required: wikiplugin_mediaplayer

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
flv url Complete URL to the FLV to include. Examples: for an external file, or for a video file in the site's File Gallery: tiki-download_file.php?fileId=2 (the missing // is intentional as this is a valid internal link) 3.0
height Player height in px or % 10.0
mp3 url Complete URL to the MP3 to include. Examples: for an external file, or for a video file in the site's File Gallery: tiki-download_file.php?fileId=2 (No need for http:// in this case) 3.0
width Player width in px or % 10.0
fullscreen (blank)
Allow full-screen mode. 5.0
type url File type for source URL, e.g. mp4, pdf or odp. Specify one of the supported file types when the URL of the file is missing the file extension. This is the case for File Gallery files which have a URL such as tiki-download_file.php?fileId=4&display or display4 if you have Clean URLs enabled. 10.0
wmode (blank)
Sets the Window Mode property of the Flash movie. Transparent lets what's behind the movie show through and allows the movie to be covered Opaque hides what's behind the movie and Window plays the movie in its own window. Default value: transparent 5.0
mediatype (blank)
Media type for HTML5 13.2
style (blank)
Set the style 3.0
src asx, asf, avi, mov, mpg, mpeg, mp4, qt, ra, smil, swf, wmv, 3g2, 3gp, aif, aac, au, gsm, mid, midi, mov, m4a, snd, ra, ram, rm, wav, wma, bmp, html, pdf, psd, qif, qtif, qti, tif, tiff, xaml Complete URL to the media to include, which has the appropriate extension. If your URL doesn't have an extension, use the File type parameter below. 6.0


If you are having difficulty setting the width, try setting with just the number, without 'px' or '%'.

Flash MP3 Player Parameters:

Name Description
mp3 The URL of the MP3 file to be played
autoplay 1 to auto-play
loop 1 to loop
volume The initial volume, between 0 and 200.
skin The URL of the JPEG file (not progressive) to load
showstop 1 to show the STOP button
showinfo 1 to show the INFO button
loadingcolor The color of loading bar
bgcolor1 The first color of the background gradient
bgcolor2 The second color of the background gradient
buttoncolor The color of the buttons
buttonovercolor Hover color of buttons
slidercolor1 The first color of the bar gradient
slidercolor2 The second color of the bar gradient
sliderovercolor Hover color of the bar
textcolor The text color
bgcolor The background color
byteslimit If it is an MP3 streaming, the stream will restart at the bytes limit, to prevent overload.


  • Make sure you have enabled jQuery Media feature if you are not using mp3 or flv file (using the src param)
  • If the player still doesn't appear, you probably got one of the plugin parameters wrong.
  • If the player appears but won't play, you probably got the wrong URL to the file.


MP3 Examples

For files in the file gallery:

{mediaplayer mp3="display10"}
{mediaplayer mp3="tiki-download_file.php?fileId=389"}

Using actual file path:

{mediaplayer mp3=""}
{mediaplayer mp3="", style="mini"}
{mediaplayer mp3="/test.mp3", loop="1"}


For files uploaded to the file gallery but stored on the server, the actual file path can also be used. Tiki converts file names to hash values for storage on the server - this name can be found in the database.

And if the mp3 player does not show up in your tiki site, try disabling the "GZip output" feature (feature_obzip) in the Control Panels > Performance ( tiki-admin.php?page=performance ).

Example with the src param (jQuery Media)

With jQuery#Media, so that more media formats are supported once you use the param "url" in the plugin helper ("src" in the code), including pdf among others. The value in the src parameter must end with a file extension

This code:

{mediaplayer src="" width="100%" height="600" type="pdf"}

Would produce this PDF in the player

Alternatives to display PDFs.
Wiki Plugin PluginWebDocViewer is similar.

  • If you run into problems with one, it's nice to have a second option to try.

WebM (VP8 codec)

This code:

{mediaplayer src="tiki-download_file.php?fileId=465&display=y" type="webm"}

Would produce something like:

WebM: an open web media project

The WebM Project is dedicated to developing a high-quality, open video format for the web that's freely available to everyone.

File gallery file in a blog post

An example for a successful use of the maxi Mediaplayer in a blog post looks like this (only caveat is to have access rights for the relevant user group by setting tiki_p_download_files to yes - sometimes, a restart of the browser seems to be necessary to make those rights work...)

{mediaplayer mp3="" style="maxi"}

This also works for a pdf file in a file gallery beginning in version 10
Note that you can use the PDF parameters by adding them to the URL as shown in the example below.
It is using a Tiki with SefURL enable.

With the fit view parameter
{mediaplayer src="display1134#view=fit" type="pdf”}

Would produce something like:

And it displays the PDF file with the ID 1134. You will need ViewerJS
Starting in Tiki19, you can get PDF.js viewer via Packages

  • An alternative is to use PluginWebDocViewer to display PDFs. (May display better on some smart phones and tablets.)

Collection of References on

  • Print general info about printing
  • PDF general overview about PDF creation in Tiki
  • mPDF create PDFs from Tiki content (advanced library that works even on shared hosting). Recommended for Tiki18+
  • PluginPDF alter default settings of mPDF per wiki page
  • PluginPDFPageBreak add a page break for PDFs created with mPDF
  • PluginMediaPlayer display PDF file from file gallery
  • PDF.js viewer PDF.js from Mozilla
  • ViewerJS: a script to view PDFs and ODFs, which bundles WebODF
  • PluginArchiveBuilder Generate a zip file, including PDFs from wiki pages
  • WeasyPrint A PDF generation option in Python
  • wkhtmltopdf create PDFs from Tiki content (needs root installation)
  • dompdf once used for PDF print of slideshows

MP4 Using native player

{mediaplayer type="video/mp4" style="native" width="640px" src="" }

Related regarding media in general


If you prefer the Flash player you can download the player itself (an .swf file) from or or or If you do, you will need to edit the plugin (at lib/wiki-plugins/wikiplugin_mediaplayer.php) and change the default source in the plugin code or add it as a "where" parameter in that instance of the plugin.