Plugin Mayan Calendar

Introduced in Tiki4

Use this wiki plugin to convert a Gregorian calendar date to a Mayan date.


Convert a Gregorian date to a Mayan calendar date
Introduced in Tiki 4.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_mcalendar

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
grdate Gregorian date for convert. Format: DD.MM.YYYY. Default: Today's date 4.0
template You must use the variable substitution.
LongCount: %baktun%, %katun%, %tun%, %winal%, %kin%
Tzolkin: %tzolkin13%, %tzolkin20%, %tzolkin20name%
Haab: %haabkin%, %haabwinal%, %haabwinalname%
Misc: %longkin%, %julianday%

Example: template "%baktun%.%katun%.%tun%.%winal%.%kin%, %tzolkin13% %tzolkin20name%, %haabkin% %haabwinalname%"for 22.05.2009 will return, 8 CHUEN, 9 SIP.

Default template: %baktun%.%katun%.%tun%.%winal%.%kin% %tzolkin13% %tzolkin20name% %haabkin% %haabwinalname%


This code:

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{mcalendar grdate="11.04.2011"}

Would produce this: 8 AHAU 8 POP


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