This is deprecated, and buggy, and will be removed. Please use Auto TOC instead.

maketoc stands for "Make a Table of Contents". It is used to automatically generate a table of contents from the headings (made with ! , !! , !!! , etc.) or ( !# , !!# ...) on the page that it appears on. It is useful for placing links to major sub-sections of a large document.

The tool PluginToc is something similar. It is used for structures of many pages. PluginToc will show a table of contents built from the titles of the pages within that structure of wiki pages.


Option Description Valid Values Since
type For backwards compatibility from older syntax: {maketoc:box}. Optional. box
maxdepth Defines how many heading levels to include in the list. If 0, then all headings will be included. Default = 0 Numeric
title Title (heading) of the table of contents. Use title="" to have no title. Default = "Table of contents"
Note: The title will be translated, if available.
Alphanumeric, enclosed in quotes. 2.0
showhide Create a link that will collapse (that is, hide) the table of contents link. Default = n y or n
nolinks Create the table of contents without links. Default = n (links will be created). y or n
nums Specify if the items in the table of contents listing should be numbered. Default = n (use bullets instead of numbers). The style of the numbering can be customized to use "i, ii, iii" or others through css (see below) y, n, force (same as y)
levels Specify which levels you want to see in the toc. Levels are integers (1 to 6) separated with comma. Ex: levels="2,3,4,5,6" to skip the first level 6.0
Unable to load the jQuery Sortable Tables feature.

You may encounter problems if maketoc is used more than once on a page.
While the syntax used for maketoc is similar to the syntax used to call plugins, maketoc is not a plugin.

Also, only the lower case syntax may be used with maketoc as shown below. See Plugin Syntax for more information.


This code:

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{maketoc title="On this page" showhide="y"}

Would produce on this page:

Customizing the style of the numbering

You can override the style of the automatic numbering of the headings with CSS (cascading style sheets).
Something like

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.wikitext ol {list-style-type: lower-roman;}

This can be added to the end of the stylesheet you're using, or put in a custom.css stylesheet in the directory or your theme.