Plugin Group

Use this wiki plugin to display content based on the user's groups or friends. It is similar to PluginPerm.


Introduced in Tiki 1.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_group

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
(body of plugin) Wiki text to display if conditions are met. The body may contain {ELSE}. Text after the marker will be displayed to users not matching the conditions.
groups groupname Pipe separated list of groups allowed to view the block. Example: Admins|Developers 1
notpending groupname User allowed to view block if membership in the group (or pipe-separated list of groups) is not pending. 13.0
pending groupname User allowed to view block if membership payment to join group (or pipe-separated list of groups) is outstanding. 13.0
friends username Pipe separated list of users whose friends are allowed to view the block. Example: admin|johndoe|foo 4.0
notgroups groupname Pipe-separated list of groups not allowed to view the block. 1

Notes on usage

  • The {ELSE} part is optional.
  • The groups and notgroups parameters may be used at the same time.
  • Groups can be included in other groups, and this can impact how this plugin behaves. For example, if you want a section to be seen by the group A and the group Admins ( groups="Admins|A" ), and not by group B ( notgroups="B" ), be careful not to include group B in the Admins group . If Admins includes A and B, Admins will not see the section.


Basic syntax

{GROUP(groups="Registered|Admins" notgroups="Editors")}show this content for users included/excluded from groups specified in the parameters{ELSE}otherwise show this content{GROUP}


Use of this plugin to hide sensitive information will not prevent it from being revealed to users with permissions to view or edit the page source. Users that have a Watch on the wiki page will receive an email with the entire wiki page source, thus revealing the information regardless whether the content would be hidden because of this plugin.