Plugin Google Chart

Introduced in Tiki15

Use this wiki plugin to draws charts from Google Analytics Data


Introduced in Tiki 15. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: wikiplugin_googlechart

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
query_ids text In the format ga:XXXXXXX where XXXXXXX the URL of the analytics admin. 15.0
chart_container text ID of a DIV to contain the chart (optional) 15.0
credentials text Location of the (service account) credentials JSON file. Must be kept private and not web accessible. (Only needed on the first plugin on each page) 15.0
query_dimensions text default "ga:date" ga:date 15.0
query_end-date text default "yesterday" yesterday 15.0
query_max-results int default 50 50 15.0
query_metrics text e.g. "ga:pageviews", default "ga:sessions,ga:users" ga:sessions,ga:users 15.0
query_segment text default "" 15.0
query_sort text One of the metrics usually, e.g. "-ga:sessions" default "" 15.0
query_start-date text default "30daysAgo" 30daysAgo 15.0
height text In pixels or percentage. Default value is 300. 300 15.0
chart_type (blank)
Type of chart, e.g. LINE, PIE etc. LINE 15.0
width text In pixels or percentage. Default value is 100No value assigned 15.0
query text Can be used instead of the parameters below. E.g. "metrics=ga:users&dimensions=ga:country", query can be generated here: ga-dev-tools 15.0
float (blank)
Set the alignment for the entire element. For elements with a width of less than 100%, other elements will wrap around it unless the clear parameter is appropriately set. 15.0


Example 1

This code:

{googlechart parameter1="value1" parameter2="value2"}

Would produce on this site:
(pending an example)


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