Plugin Freetagged

Introduced in Tiki5

Use this Wiki Plugin to list similarly tagged objects. An object can be practically type of tiki page, such as wiki pages, blog posts, articles, file galleries, files, polls, quizzes, etc.


Introduced in Tiki 5.
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Preferences required: feature_freetags, wikiplugin_freetagged

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
find text Show objects with names or descriptions similar to the text entered here 5.0
h_level int Choose the header level for formatting. Default is 3 (for header level h3). Set to -1 for no header tags. 3 5.0
max_image_size digits Height or width in pixels. Default: 0 (no maximum) 0 5.0
maxRecords int Default -1 (all) -1 5.0
more (blank)
Show a 'more' link that links to the full list of tagged objects (not shown by default) n
moreurl url Alternate "more" link pointing to specified URL instead of default full list of tagged objects tiki-browse_freetags.php
moretext raw Alternate text to display on the "more" link (default is "more") more
offset int Start record 0 5.0
tags text Leave blank to use the object's own tags. 5.0
broaden (blank)
n|y n 5.0
titles_only n
Choose whether to show titles only (not shown by default) n 5.0
sort_mode (blank)| comments_locked_asc| comments_locked_desc| created_asc| created_desc| description_asc| description_desc| hits_asc| hits_desc| href_asc| href_desc| itemid_asc| itemid_desc| name_asc| name_desc| objectid_asc| objectid_desc| type_asc| type_desc Determine sort order based on various fields (Default: created_desc) created_desc 5.0
type (blank)| all| all| wiki page| blog post| article| directory| faq| file gallery| file| poll| quiz| survey| tracker Type of objects to extract. Set to All to find all types. 5.0


This code,

{freetagged tags="syntax" h_level="5" maxRecords="5" sort_mode="hits"}

Would produce on this site:

  • Wiki Plugins

    Introduction and index to Wiki plugins

  • Wiki-Syntax Text

    How to Format Text on a Wiki Page

  • AutoLinks
  • PluginTrackerList

    List, filter and sort the items in a tracker

  • Wiki Syntax


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