Plugin Events

Introduced in Tiki2

Use this wiki plugin to display upcoming events from the tiki site's calendars in a formatted table.


Introduced in Tiki 2. Required parameters are in bold.
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Preferences required: feature_calendar, wikiplugin_events

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
calendarid text ID numbers for the site calendars whose events are to be displayed, separated by vertical bars (|) 2.0
maxdays digits Events occurring within this number of days in the future from today will be included in the list (unless limited by other parameter settings). Default is 365. 365 2.0
max digits Maximum number of events to display. Default is 10. Set to 0 to display all (unless limited by other parameter settings) 10 2.0
desc (blank)
Show the description of the event (shown by default) 1 2.0
datetime (blank)
Show the time along with the date (shown by default) 1 2.0
timespan (blank)
Specify the time span. future 10.0
usePagination (blank)
Activate pagination when Events listing are long. Default is n. n 10.0

Example with datetime, max and maxdays parameters set

Below is an example using the 2 calendars at There are two calendars (ID's 1 and 2) and the code below accesses both of them.

This code:

{EVENTS(calendarid="1|2" datetime="1" max="8" maxdays="15")}{EVENTS}

Produced the following on May 3, 2009:

Although the max is set at eight, only four events are displayed. This is because there were only four events within 15 days (the maxdays setting) of the date the screenshot was made.