Plugin Color Box

This wiki plugin, introduced in Tiki5, is used to display one image of a file gallery or image gallery and when you click on it, it opens a popup/slideshow of all the images of the same gallery. The slideshow is done by the colorbox library.


Introduced in Tiki 5.
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Preferences required: feature_file_galleries, feature_shadowbox, wikiplugin_colorbox

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
galId ID ID number of the image gallery that contains the images to be displayed 5.0
sort_mode fieldname_asc or fieldname_desc with actual database field name in place of fieldname. Sort by database table field name, ascending or descending. Examples: fileId_asc or name_desc. created_desc 5.0
fgalId ID ID number of the file gallery that contains the images to be displayed 5.0
fileId ID separated with :
separator: :
Colon-separated list of fileIds in a file gallery to show. 6.0
parsedescriptions y or n Parse the file descriptions as wiki syntax n 5.0
showallthumbs y or n Show thumbnails of all the images in the gallery n 5.0
showfilename y or n Show file name n 5.0
showtitle y or n Show file title n 5.0
thumb y or n Display as a thumbnail or full size. y 5.0


This code:

{colorbox fgalId="6" thumb="y"}

Would produce on this site:


  • To have a locallized description, you can use the param parsedescriptions and use {LANG(lang=en)}xxxx{LANG}{LANG=fr)}yyy{LANG}
  • Users require the permission tiki_p_view_file_gallery on the filegal referenced in the plugin.


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