The current page is documentation about a Tiki feature. If you want to subscribe to newsletters about the Tiki community, please see

The Tiki newsletter feature allows you to send a newsletter via email to a list of subscribers. The email can be sent in HTML format, plain text format, or both. Other newsletter features include:

  • User controlled subscribe/unsubscribe
  • Admin can restrict subscription to the users email address of record, or allow any address to be used.
  • Admin controlled subscribe/unsubscribe
  • email address validation
  • A 'reply to' email address can be set that is different from the system 'send from' address
  • A 'send from' address, that is different to the system 'send from', can be set for an individual newsletter sending
  • Counters have been added when sending Newsletters, which is useful when sending newsletters with a large subscriber list - it is also particularly useful when the option to 'throttle' the newsletter send rate is being used which is an option that may have to be used to avoid the sending system being 'designated' as a spammer and being blocked by receiving mail servers
  • Include unsubscribe instructions in the newsletter
  • Granular object permissions for viewing, sending, etc
  • Groups can be subscribed to newsletters (including embedded groups)
  • You can also 'subscribe' a Wiki page so that its contents, whatever it is at the time, can be used to define emails to which an individual Newsletter Edition is sent.
  • The quantity of 'styling' information embedded within an HTML formatted newsletter can be controlled by the use of a dedicated css file.
  • You can automatically send newsletters with a cron/batch job based on some wiki page template with plugins (upcoming events, last posts, new items, ...).
  • PluginSubscribeNewsletter
  • Can use Content Templates

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