My Account

The My Account feature (formerly MyTiki)

• Is where the user enters personal profile information
• Is where the user sets personal preferences for the website
• Shows the user's wiki page and article contributions, etc.

The User Features in Tiki enable the user to customize the site for their own purposes by selecting the visual theme, site language, behavior of notifications, and so on, from a range of options enabled by the administrator and appropriate for the site. Tiki has always been been meant to be a community collaboration tool. In My Account, the user can configure preferences regarding sharing personal information (selectively) and interacting with other site users. The features that are available to registered users are grouped in the My Account section.
User Preference Info screenshot

Access your Account

To access your account, log in and then click on "My Account" in the default menu, or go to <domain>/tiki-my_tiki.php.

Other My Account documentation pages and user features include:

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