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How to build a set of translations

To associate pages together, you will find a button "translation" in the page bar (where you find the edit "button"). In the translation page, you must specify a language for the object if not already done and you have to enter the page name of another page of the same set of translation. As soon as the page belongs to a set, you will see all the pages of the set. You can add more pages in the set if you want. Each new page must have a valid language field.

How to enable Tiki content translation

In TikiWiki 3.0,the easiest way is to install the Multilingual_Wiki profile. Go to Admin Home->Profiles, click on the List button and choose it from the list of available profiles.

In Tiki2 you have to enable it at "Admin > i18n" (tiki-admin.php?page=i18n).

The Multilingual_Wiki profile includes the following features:

  • From the i18n panel:
    • Multilingual (feature_multilingual)
    • Translation assistant (feature_translation)
    • Urgent translation notifications (feature_urgent_translation)
    • Multilingual structures (feature_multilingual_structures)
    • Show pages in user's preferred language (feature_best_language)
    • Detect browser language (feature_detect_language)
    • Quantify change size (quantify_changes)

  • From the Site Global Features panel:
    • Multilingual (freetags_multilingual)

And the following modules (Admin->Modules):

  • translation
  • switch_lang

How it works

See this screencast to see an overview of the whole process:

Click to see the tutorial
Click to see the tutorial