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Quick Edit Module

This Module allows users (with permissions), to create or edit wiki pages. Simply type the name of a wiki page and click Edit.

  • If the page exists, Tiki will open the Edit screen for the page.
  • If the page does not exist, Tiki will create the page.

Note: The name of the wiki page must conform to the character link format, as defined on the Wiki Link Formatting field.


You will see it listed at "Admin > Modules > Assign new module > Module Name (drop down)" (tiki-admin_modules.php).

You can assign a this Module to a lateral column (See Module Admin page if needed), or you can include it within a wiki page, using the PluginModule.

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{MODULE(module=quick_edit) /}

The assigned module (with its default values) looks like this:

Quick Edit a Wiki Page


Enables to quickly create or edit Wiki pages. Deprecated - use the Search module instead.

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Preferences required: feature_wiki

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
headerwiki Wiki page to be used as a template to show content on top of edit page
action If set, send the form to the given location (relative to Tiki's root) for processing. Default: tiki-editpage.php
mod_quickedit_heading Optional heading to display at the top of the module's content.
submit The label on the button to submit the form. Default: Create/Edit
templateId If set to a template identifier, the specified template is used for creating new Wiki pages. Not set by default.
customTip Custom text to be shown as a tip at the top of the edit page
customTipTitle Custom title to be shown for the tip at the top of the edit page
addcategId If set, pages created through the module have this category prechecked to be categorized in. Not set by default.
size int Size attribute (horizontal, in characters) of the text input field for page names. Default: 15

To find the ~templateID~ for a particular template, do:

  • Admin menu (usually on the left) > Content Templates
  • Locate the template you want, and click on the pen icon in that row (in Action column)
  • Look at the url, and find the ~templateID=nn~ part. This gives you the ID.

The module can be used to create an auto-complete page search by setting action to tiki-index.php.

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