Module Months links (a.k.a "Blog or Articles Archive")

This module links to the objects of a given type for the current month and those preceding it, so that it is a very useful module for Blogs or Articles, since it works as an "Archive"-type of module.

You can see the blog archives or article archives using the module months_links, which will also allow you to click on a link for every year (or any time period specified by the user), so that the user sees the posts of that time frame.

Module shown when English
is selected as language
Module shown when French
is selected as language
Module shown when Russian
is selected as language
Note that the number of blog posts per year can vary depending on the language

In order to have this module configured, you have to add some parameters as in the screenshot below:


So this way, each language can have a module specific for that language, showing the posts of that blog (one blog per language), for a given time frame, specified in the parameters of the module definition. For more information, see Blog Config

It can be done similarly for Articles, indicating "cms" as the feature to create the links for.

An example of code to display this module in a wiki page, or a custom module, is:

{MODULE(module="months_links", feature="cms", title="Noticias", section="cms", nonums="y", notitle="n", decorations="n", nobox="y")}{MODULE}

For performance reasons, the "rows" module parameter limits the number of months which are displayed. The default value is 10 months, which is not much. Set it to more months to get more archives ( 24, 36, 48, 60, whatever, or "-1" to fetch all of them)


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