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Module last_articles

This module displays the most recently submitted articles, in reverse chronological order, and provides a link to each page.


You will see it listed at "Admin > Modules > Assign new module > Module Name (drop down)" (tiki-admin_modules.php).

You can assign a this module to a lateral column (See Module Admin page if needed), or you can include it within a wiki page, using the PluginModule:

{MODULE(module=>last_articles) /}
typestringone of the article type value(ex:Article)anyoptional
topicIdIDtopic IDanyoptional
topicstringtopic name (be careful that if you change the topic name the module will not be updatedanyoptional
langstringthe iso_639_1 code (ex:en)anyoptional
offsetintegerstart at specified offset from top (zero is most recent)0optional
showImgintergerWidth of the image0optional
showDatey or nshow the datenoptional
showHeadingnumericmax characters of the heading to show. -i for no truncationnoptional
nonumsy or ndisplays the line numbernoptional
absurly or ndisplays a relative or absolute linknoptional
morey or ndisplays a more button that links to the articles homepagenoptionaltw>=1.10

  • 'offset' is new in 3.0

See PluginModule for additional parameters that can be used.

The assigned module looks like this:

MODULE(module=last_articles, showHeading=y, showDate=y, max=5) /}

If you see the error message: "Sorry, no such module
last_articles" then edit the plugin and choose one of the article modules that are included in your version of tiki
edit plugin module popup window tiki6.0

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