Cart Module

Introduced in Tiki5
This module displays the content of the cart, allows to modify quantities and proceed to payment. It is intended to be used in conjunction with PluginAddToCart.


You can assign the module in a module zone using the standard Module Settings Interface.

You can also insert the module in any page using the PluginModule:

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{module module="cart" ajax="y" showItems="y" showCount="y" showItemButtons="y" nobox="y"}


Displays the content of the cart, allows quantities to be modified and proceeds to payment.

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Preferences required: payment_feature

Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
checkoutURL url Where to go to when the "Check-out" button is clicked but before the payment invoice is generated (Default empty: Goes to tiki-payment.php)
postPaymentURL url Where to go to once the payment has been generated, will append "?invoice=xx" parameter on the URL for use in pretty trackers etc. (Default empty: Goes to tiki-payment.php)
showItemButtons alpha Shows add, remove and delete buttons on items (y/n) n
showCount alpha Shows the number of items in the cart (y/n) n
showItems alpha Shows the items in the cart as they are added (y/n) y
showWeight alpha Shows the weight of the items in the cart (y/n) n
ajax alpha Use AJAX services for managing the cart (y/n) n
weightUnit alpha Shown after the weight g

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