This is all deprecated. Anything interesting has been moved to the main code base. Please see: Mods

Mods User

Where to get Mods from

You can get them through:

  1. Download them from, and install them by hand
  2. Download and install them directly from "Admin -> Mods" ( tiki-mods.php ) interface in your tiki web site
  3. From svn mods, and install them by hand

1. Manually from


2. Automatically from tiki-mods.php web interface


Installing a Mod

We will see the process of installing a Mod through the Web interface, while installing PluginR Mod, as example.

You can see a short video here:

Installing PluginR for the first time

Alternatively, you can keep reading below.

First you should click on Admin mods: tiki-mods.php. There is no link from the main application menu in the side column, but only in the admin panels, at the bottom, where it says "Crosslinks to other features and settings > Administration features: > Mods":

We could switch to use other mod providers, but in this case, we will use the standard provided by default.

Now you will need to download and install the package. You may need to go to the root of your install and run the script to allow you to install this. To ensure that you have the latest version, click on Update remote index. Lets say that the latest version is 0.8. Click on the install link on the right of the table row.

Click to expand
Click to expand

If you already have an earlier version of the Mod installed on your site (for instance, 0.76 and the latest version is 0.8), then you'll have the option to upgrade your Mod (you'll see the option 0.76 > 0.8). Click on the >0.8 link next to the install field to upgrade your Plugin R Mod. Then you will be shown a confirmation step where you have to confirm that this is what you wanted to do (if there were some other packages that needed to be installed along this one, they would be shown there in the confirmation step) :

Click to expand
Click to expand

Finally, once finished, you will see a message confirming that the package installed successfully, and that you don't have the option to install it again any more but only to remove it.

Click to expand
Click to expand

When new versions are released, you'll have the chance to update the remote index again and proceed again with a new upgrade.

Further instructions on the usage of this Mod can be found at:

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