Mod Mindmap

This plugin allows to generate a drawing illustrating connected ideas in a graphical way, previously generated with "Freemind" mind map generator (free software, also). You need in your local computer either the flash plugin or the java virtual machine installed, in order to view and browse the drawing of the mind map. Moreover, you can give a realtive url of the .mm file in the server, or the id of the Wiki attachment in Tiki which has the .mm file.

For example, this code:

{MINDMAP(src=>./lib/mindmap/,plugin=>java, mode=>inline,width=>100%,height=>400)}{MINDMAP}

would produce this mind map:


How to Install

By the time of writing this note, Mindmap plugin was not yet included in main code of Tikiwiki. If it is not inside main tikiwiki release, you can get the needed files from:

Download all the directories and files to your local computer, and upload them later on to the Tikiwiki document root on your server, to the equivalent directories, etc.

From mods:

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