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Aulawiki is a Mod for Tiki 1.9.x and 2.x (not yet ready for 3.x ), which includes some features specially designed for educational scenarios (grade book, academic periods, ...), plus the core feature of Workspaces (suitable for educational scenarios and many many others).


Thus, the work spaces (Tiki Workspaces), represent one of the main functionalities of AulaWiki. This functionality offers collaborative contexts to user groups of Tiki and can be applied to different processes. The workspaces can be courses, personal management of projects, portfolios, projects for team work, …

Workspaces allow the easy creation of new resources, groups + permissions and modules assigned, based on workspace templates (called "workspace types"), which have

  1. some pre-assigned resources,
  2. some pre-defined roles (groups) which serve to define the permissions to be applied by default to the resources at resource creation time.
  3. some pre-assigned modules for the workspace desktop

Sample Workspace usage on (join us! :-)
Sample Workspace usage on (join us! :-)

Once created from a "workspace type" template, you can keep customizing your specific workspace to suite your needs.

Structures can also be printed in whole directly from the structure toc from the module workspaces structures (see a live example below, in the structure of the workspaces documentation at

Moreover, some exciting new features were introduced in the latest versions of Aulawiki mod, which comprise copy & paste capability of resources from one workspace to another, through the usage of the workspace module clipboard.


See Mods Admin for instructions on how to install a Mod.


See more information about Aulawiki Mod and the Workspaces feature at:

Documentation of AulaWiki and Workspaces
Page by page
All in one html page
PDF (May 20th 2009)
English AulaWiki-Tutorial AulaWiki_documentation_English_090520.pdf (1.80 Mb) pdf here!
Spanish AulaWiki-Tutorial,es AulaWiki_documentation_Castellano_090520.pdf (1.74 Mb) pdf here!
Catalan AulaWiki-Tutorial,ca AulaWiki_documentation_Catala_090520.pdf (1.73 Mb) pdf here!

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