All Tiki based sites have the ability to be browsable through on mobile phones or PDA pocket based browsers.

Since Tiki19

Since Tiki19, Tiki is using the Bootstrap 4 mobile-first front-end frameowrk.

Since Tiki13

Since Tiki13, Tiki is using the Bootstrap 3 mobile-first front-end frameowrk.

Since Tiki7

Starting in Tiki7, the mobile version is powered by jQuery Mobile and MobileESP.

Apply the Mobile profile to use. This profile will create a minimal perspective that will allow you then to use a special home page, menus etc just for mobile. All features of Tiki (login, etc.) are expected to work well over time.

Then go to the site on a mobile device and it automatically (should) kick in (i.e. it switches to the mobile perspective and mobile theme which adds the libraries & css).

Alternatively, you can click the "switch to mobile" link on the mobile module the profile adds for you.

Note: This is still an experimental feature and occasionally problems have been known to occur.

If your site gets stuck with a "loading" message you can get your site back in to "normal" mode by going to this URL and a normal browser:

(this has also been unreliable in Tiki versions prior to 9.0 in which case clearing cookies may help)

How to enable/disable mobile mode

Tiki will automatically change the display mode to mobile when a mobile device is detected. You can in addition change to mobile mode or return to standard display mode manually with the side module for Mobile (created automatically when you apply the Profile Mobile to your Tiki site).

Module in a side column
Module in a side column

Improved in Tiki12

Mobile mode display has been extensively improved in Tiki12. See as an example this page Mobile displayed in standard mode:

Click to expand
Click to expand

And the same page displayed for mobile devices:

Since Tiki 1.7

Starting in Tiki 1.7, this is thanks to the power of the HAWHAW library. This is currently limited to Wiki pages, Articles and Forums. Other Tiki areas and authentication are not supported. You can see in either small font size or magnified version:

Small font size
Small font size

Magnified font size
Magnified font size

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What is supported from the wiki syntax?

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