Migrate your Tiki site

Migration of a site refers to "copying" the content from one installation to another. In this page we describe migration as a one way synchronization from Tiki source to Tiki target. To migrate from another CMS/Wiki to Tiki see Migrate to Tiki This page covers moving content between sites with the same version of Tiki. For changing versions see upgrade. Migration is often done by sites where there are production or live versions as well as maintenance and or test versions of the site(s).

This method has the effect of wiping out any content on the target tiki so remember the three rules of ICT: backup, backup, backup

Source: refers to the Tiki site to be copied
Target: refers to the Tiki site to become a cloned copy of the source.

  1. Install Tiki
  2. Ensure that your target Tiki site has the same version of Tiki installed as the source Tiki site See Admin->General->General Preferences
  3. Backup your target tiki site, database and any file galleries if they exist outside of the database.
  4. Source:
    1. Export the database of your source to a file see the backup procedure it has the same effect.
    2. Get a copy of any files that exist outside of the database.
  5. Target:
    1. Import the source database file you just saved into the target Tiki site, see Import database
    2. Insert the copied files that exist outside of the database.